BAIV Crew (in total approx. 25 persons)

The heart of our organization and doing they are utmost to make your trip to Normandy an unforgettable but above all enjoyable experience!

Mrs. Carry Harts

Carry Harts is the historian in our team. Carry’s main tasks are the set-up of seven historical day tours, of the day programs and visits, and designing booklets with historical information and stories. Carry is an experienced battlefield tour guide and speaks the French language.

Besides that she takes care of all marketing campaigns of BAIV including adverts, brochures and many more.

Next to that Carry will arrange the specially for this event prepared T-Shirts.

Mr. Ivo Rigter Jr.

Ivo Jr. is one of the Owners of BAIV and as Project Manager he covers (reverse) engineering (3D-CAD), sales support, finance and accounting, documentation and work preparation.

For this event Ivo will be dedicated responsible for the rolling material and its transport to and from the Campsite, Regulations & Safety, Health & Environment, Permits & deactivated weapons, Insurance, Social media and finally the follow up of the application forms.

Mr. Ruud Caspers

Ruud Caspers is an automotive professional but also an off-road specialist.

As Chief Operations and Workshop Manager he is responsible for BAIV’s daily operations.

During the BAIV Normandy Event Ruud will also take care of all daily operations. In this respect he will organize all site facilities at the campsite.

Supervise the BAIV team via his 2 foreman and covers also all campsite logistics.

In case of any difficulties at Site he will be the right person to contact.

Mr. Hans Stouten

Hans will cover the Food & beverage which means that he will be responsible for the entire catering including breakfast, lunch, dinner but also during the evenings the bar service and attendance.

Hans is a passionate reenactor and restorer and during his normal live Inspector NACE Certified CIP 3 Nuclear # for a US company

Mr. Ivo Rigter Sr.

Ivo Sr. will cover the general organization of this event, Marketing and PR (together with Carry), all issues related to guests’ applications and follow up all other matters. And Customer Experience (CEx)