Camp Regulations and Admission Requirements Normandy 2024

Status:           2nd release

Revision:        2.0

By:                   Ivo Rigter Sr.

Date:              January 2024



The participant will be allowed to stay in the campground after paying the participation fee, filling out the registration form and signing the Charter of Good Conduct. The participant is obliged to ensure the good performance and good order of the camp as well as compliance with this Regulation. The fact of staying on the ground organized by BAIV implies unconditional acceptance of these rules and the commitment to comply. By signing the registration form, the participant agrees to fully comply with French regulations and with specific regulations to be issued by the organizers of the event and local Authorities.



The Camp and Campsite will be open from May 30th 10:00 am till June 9th 2024 11:00 am.



Any person wishing to stay on the campground must first submit to the organizer or his representative an ID and fill out paperwork.
Unaccompanied minors (children below the age of 16) are not allowed without their parents or an authorized adult (authorized by one or both parent).



4.1 General

The organizer provides campsite and accommodation in WW2 military style, including modern facilities such as electricity, showers, toilets etc.
Lodging will be in a historic military tent with field bed, pillow, sleeping bag and chair.
A large mess tent will be used for joint breakfast and relaxation in the evenings.

Crew members with ranks up to First Sergeant (Privates, Corporals, Specialists and Sergeants including First Sergeant) will be accommodated in Field tents (10 persons per tent). Crew members with higher ranks (Sergeant Major and all Officer ranks) will be facilitated in US Offer Small Wall tents (2 persons per tent).

If required, participants can also be accommodated in officers’ tents.
In such a case this is against an additional surcharge of € 700 per tent (purchase costs depending on availability).


4.2 Own accommodation

Participants are allowed to bring their own accommodation. In this case only tents of Allied army period 1939 – 1945, or proper reproductions of the same period, are allowed. Tents, which are not of the period 1939 – 1945, are basically permitted but must be khaki color and built at separate locations designated by the organizer.
Please contact the organization in advance.

Note: In case the participant brings his own accommodation any form of refund or discount will not be applicable.



The organizer provides for participants toilets, showers, electricity, and Wi-Fi for the duration of the event. Electricity supplied will be 220-240V, 50Hz Plug and Socket type F.
For overseas participants we advise to bring an adapter!
Note: Only a limited quantity of adapters will be available at the campsite against cost.



All breakfast, several lunches and most dinners are included in the participation fee.



Daily debriefings and briefings on the next day’s program with historical background will be held in the evening (after dinner) in the mess tent or outside.



Any modification or damage to the premises and the land on which the participant will stay is prohibited. In the event that the participant would have to dig holes, it will, at his departure, patching the holes with the earth he has removed, and the holes filled, seeded with prairie grass seeds (seed will be supplied by the organizer). The substitution of land with sand is strictly prohibited. Any sand that has been brought to the camp site by the participant will be removed and discharged at his departure. Spreading sand on the ground of the camp site is prohibited. The cost of repair will be borne by the participant in the event of breach of this regulation.


The camp participants are asked to avoid any noise that might disturb their neighbors from 11:00 p.m. till 7:00 am. Sound equipment must be adjusted accordingly. Dogs and other animals should never be left free. They should not be left in the camp, even locked in the absence of their masters, who are legally responsible.


Only the uniform and equipment of Armed Allied Armies of the period 39/45 or reproductions are allowed.
Same for civilian clothing from the same period. Clothing (not uniforms) are which are not of the period 1939-1945, are basically permitted but must be khaki color (no camouflage).
During the event every participant agrees to have one attitude worthy and responsible and respect the uniform he will wear.
Wearing uniforms of Forces of Axis is strictly prohibited.



Carriage, transportation, and exhibition of real or imitation weapons are only allowed when required permits and consents are valid and applicable. In case participants want to bring their own (deactivated) weapons please contact the organization in advance. For the use and carrying of (deactivated) weapons a specific regulation will be applicable which requires sufficient time to organize (at least 3 months). So, if you want to bring your own weapons please inform the organizer earliest.



Vehicles for the event to transport the participants will be organized by the Organizer. In case if you want to bring your own vehicle please be informed that only allied vehicles prior to 1946 are allowed. The vehicles post 1945, but which outside appearance allows the confusion with vehicles prior to 1946, and proper replicas are accepted. All vehicles must have proper insurance and registration; the drivers will have a valid driving license and undertake to respect the code of French roads. In convoys, the participant agrees to comply with the place that they have been allocated by the organizer and this throughout the convoy. He is committed to the specific rules that will be given during the convoys and the code of French roads.



Inside the camp, vehicles must drive at a speed limit of 10 km/hr. (6 mph). Traffic is prohibited between midnight and 7 am. Only military vehicles belonging to participants staying there can enter and circulate in the campground. The parking of vehicles of participants should not impede traffic or prevent the installation of newcomers.
Access to civilian vehicles will be allowed during the build-up of the campsite and the last day of the campsite. Civilian vehicles are not allowed to park inside the camp at any time but should be placed on a parking lot near the Campsite.




14.1 Fire Campfires:

Fire Campfires are permitted provided that the participant has a dry powder or water (1kg / 35 oz minimum) extinguisher in perfect working condition nearby (will be supplied by the Organizer).


14.2 Gas stoves:

Gas stoves should be maintained in good condition and not be used in hazardous conditions.

14.3 First Aid:

Several first aid kits and a first aid officer will be available at the campsite and tours / excursions at all times.


14.4 Guarding:

Theft Guarding the camp is not guaranteed. The participant has custody and control of its own facility and shall notify the organizer of the presence of any suspicious person. The organizer disclaims all responsibility in case of theft or damage to facilities, property, and participant’s vehicle.
The organizer will organize a small container to be locked at all times for valuable goods and weapons.


14.5 Infringements of this Regulation:

In case a participant disrupts the stay of other users or does not comply with the provisions of this Regulation, the organizer or his representative may orally ask the participant to stop the unrest. In case of serious or repeated infringements of this Regulation the organizer may exclude the participant from the event, without compensation of any kind of costs or services.
In case of criminal offense, the organizer will appeal to law enforcement.



Every participant in rule Registration, is supposed to know and accept these Rules and abandon all appeal against the organizers in case of damage or accident occurred for the event. Each participant states to have a valid “civil liability” personal insurance as well as insurance for his vehicle.

January 2024